songshow plus worship presentation software


Some (or all) songs are not showing in the songs database panel


Some (or all) songs are not showing in the songs database panel.

Possible Cause:
The songs that you are looking for are in the database but they are being filtered out and not displayed in the database panel.

Click View/Show Songs Panel
Verify that the Short List and Apply Filter check-boxes are not selected.

Possible Cause:
Songs were manually moved, renamed, or copied in the Songs folder on the hard drive and SongShow Plus doesn't know they are there.

Rebuild the SongShow Plus song database index:
Click Tools/Database Utilities/SongShow Plus/Rebuild Indexes...

Possible Cause:
SongShow Plus is set to not display one or more song databases.

Click Songs/Search Databases.
Select the databases you want displayed in the Songs panel.

Possible Cause:
The database you are trying to access is not set to be active.

Click Tools/Song Database Sources.
Verify there is a check-mark next to all of the song databases that you want to activate in SongShow Plus.


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