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Phone Support

Technical support by phone is available to current subscribers with Silver level support or higher. If you are not a current subscriber, technical support is limited to activations only through email.

You can renew your subscription through the SongShow Plus store website.

Support Call Number: 208-639-3950

Support hours are:

Week Day Hours Support Level
Monday 7 AM - 5 PM MT Silver
Tuesday 7 AM - 5 PM MT Silver
Wednesday 7 AM - 5 PM MT Silver
Thursday 7 AM - 5 PM MT Silver
Friday 7 AM - 5 PM MT Silver
Saturday 8 AM - 1 PM MT Platinum
Sunday 6 AM - 9 AM MT Platinum

The customer support service is closed for all major U.S. holidays.

Please note: The support schedule and policy is subject to change at any time. Support services are provided by GoFishMedia, LLC.