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To make a new purchase of SongShow Plus, or for direct sales assistance, contact GoFishMedia, LLC, the primary retailer for SongShow Plus products. Sales representatives are available by phone at (877) 458-6367 and by email at

Manage the subscriptions and licenses for your organization.
Go here to renew your SongShow Upgrade Subscription, renew or upgrade your SongShow Drive or Sync subscriptions, and add Bible plug-ins, H.264 support, and other features.


SongShow Plus 9.0 Basic Edition*See feature matrix below for a list of features.
SongShow Plus 9.0 Pro Edition*See feature matrix below for a list of features.
SongShow Plus 9.0 Ultra Edition*See feature matrix below for a list of features.
*Visit for new sales information.
Upgrade to 9.0 Basic Edition$179From any previous SongShow Plus version.
Upgrade to 9.0 Pro Edition$259From any previous SongShow Plus version.
Upgrade to 9.0 Ultra Edition$399From any previous SongShow Plus version.
Projection License$95Additional projection license for a local church organization. The first projection license is included in new purchase at no additional cost.
Projection Site License$399Unlimited projection licenses for a local church organization.
Workstation LicenseFREEUsed on non-projection machines for preparation of presentations, programs, and other media.

Slide BuilderXXXLets you build customized slide shows.
Mobile Control ServerXXXLets SongShow Plus be controlled through its mobile control apps.
Online ServicesXXXProvides access to various online and cloud services including SongSelect, Planning Center Online, and Shift Worship. (Requires a current Upgrade Subscription along with any necessary accounts and subscriptions required to use the third=party online services.)
Slide Show ExporterXXXLets you export slide shows to images or HTML files.
Song XML ImporterXXXProvides a way to import songs into SongShow Plus using a pre-defined XML format.
DVDXXDVD playback support.*
Video ChainXXLink two or more video files treating them like a single video with no re-rendering necessary.
TimersXXCustomizable countdown timers.
Video Effects CollectionXXA large collection of image processing effects that can be applied to images and videos in real-time.
Improv CollectionXXBackground Improv for on-the-fly background selection, Overlay Improv for count-down timers and screen bugs, Instant Message for nursery alerts and other message, Audio Improv for sound effects and on-the-fly background tracks
Transitions CollectionXXA nice selection of 3D transitions and animations
Visualizations CollectionXXA nice selection of customizable backgrounds that are rendered in real-time.
Christmas Goodies CollectionXA nice selection of visual effects suitable for Christmastime.
Cinematic Effects CollectionXA nice selection of high-end transitions and effects.
Environmental ProjectionXSends background content to a separate video output to be used for environmental projection.
Stage Display SupportXMirrored content customized for a stage output to the worship team or choir.
Multidisplay SupportXSupport for independent control of up to four display windows.
H.264 Support$50.00/machineProvides native support for H.264 video files, frequently used when video is built on an Apple platform. (Not required when using Windows 10.)
Bible Plug-ins$25/plug-in/machinePlug-ins are available for the following Bible translations: AMP, ESV, HCSB, MSG, NASB, NIV, NKJV, NLT, NRSV, RSV, RV
Signage Channelcontact salesProvides one channel of digital content publishing.

**More about SongShow Sync and Drive services:

Total allocated bandwidth is the storage amount multiplied by 3 per one month period. If you upgrade your SongShow Sync service to a higher storage amount, any remaining time on your current storage service will be used to calculate a prorated extension to your new subscription period. This only applies to the 5GB plan or higher and does not include the default storage amount included with the SongShow Upgrade Service. The SongShow Sync service is applied to department level accounts. An organization may subscribe to muliple SongShow Sync subscriptions. Each subscription will be applied to a separate department account.

System Requirements

For New Hardware

GoFishMedia sells machines specially configured and optimized to run SongShow Plus. Visit for more information.

If you are buying a new machine, the following specifications are recommended for average use of SongShow Plus:

  • Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit
  • Intel i5 Processor
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • Nvidia GT600 graphics card
  • 520 Watt Power Supply

SongShow Plus has many features designed to be used at runtime when rendering graphics. If you expect to use lots of effects, transitions, or high-definition video, then you'll want to consider a machine with higher specs than this, including the possibility of a faster processor, more memory, faster motherboard, faster hard drive, higher end video card, etc. If you will only use SongShow Plus for basic presentation of lyrics and simple slides using static backgrounds, then you can consider a machine with lower specs. How you use SongShow Plus will largely influence the type of machine you will need.

For Existing Hardware

If you have a machine available to you already, that machine may be sufficient for running SongShow Plus if it was designed to perform at a high rating with Windows Vista or later. Again, how you use SongShow Plus will largely determine how well an existing machine will work for you. Best advice is to try the machine first then upgrade if necessary.

Windows Versions

SongShow Plus is designed to work primarily with Windows 10. All significant testing for version 9.0 was performed using 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, 1909 Update. Other versions of Windows that should mostly work include Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and earlier builds of Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of these OSes are supported. However, since our primarily testing is on Windows 10, there may be some features that are not fully supported on the earlier versions of Windows. Also, the use of Windows 7 is now discouraged due to the fact that Microsoft no longer supports that version of Windows.

Graphics Cards

SongShow Plus is designed to work with video cards compatible with DirectX 9. This includes just about any video card made in the last several years. While any DirectX 9 compatible card should work, SongShow Plus is tested using Nvidia cards and it is those cards that are recommended for use with SongShow Plus. From time to time, compatibility problems have been found with other brands of video cards. For the highest end performance, get the fastest card with the maximum amount of memory on it you can afford.

*The DVD feature of SongShow Plus is designed to work with the native DVD support of Windows 7 and Windows 8.x/Media Center, Windows 10. Playing encrypted DVDs may require use of AC3Filter for correct audio playback.


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