Various Windows - Import Document

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This window lets you import text content from various document sources in to a new SongShow Plus song file.


The text of the source document is shown on the left-hand side of the window. In this control, select portions of the text to copy.


In the center of the window is a Set Text For list. This list contains various song parts. After selecting text in the left-hand control, click on one of the parts below. Doing this will copy the text to the associated song part text box on the right-hand side of the window. Repeat this for all song parts you wish to import. You can add additional song parts as needed by clicking on New Label.


You can edit the text you are importing by using the text boxes at the right-hand side of the window.


After you are finished selecting all text to import, click Import. This will create the new song and assign the imported text parts.