Various Windows - Authorize Account (OAuth 1)

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This window is used to gain authorization to a online account. To authorize access, you will go to a website, log into your account, then approve SongShow Plus access to the account. After approving access, you'll return to this window to continue.


To go to the authorization website, click Go to Website. This will open a website to the account authorization page. After authorizing SongShow Plus access to the account, return to this window then press Authorize.


By default, you will be providing access to all folders in this account. SongShow plus lets you limit access to a specific folder. To do this, click Limit access to a specific folder, then select the subfolder in the dropdown list below.


By default, SongShow Plus will retain a link to this account only for the current session. If you would like SongShow Plus to retain the link between sessions, click Remember this account, Yes. Then, enter a name for your reference to identify this account in the Account Name field.


Click Save to save the new link.