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SongShow Plus can play a variety of video files.



Windows Media Video (WMV)

This is the preferred video format to use. It is the native file format for Windows applications.



MPEG-1 files are also supported by SongShow Plus through the native components included on all Windows systems.



MPEG-2 files are supported by SongShow Plus through the native components included with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.x Pro with Media Center. MPEG-2 files are also supported by SongShow Plus on Windows XP through the use of various third-party DVD software. Note that MPEG-2 videos that have Dolby Digital audio (AC3) are not supported.



H.264 files are supported by using the SongShow Plus H.264 plug-in. This plug-in is licensed separately from SongShow Plus itself and may require the purchase of a per-machine license. Note that the expectation is that H.264 files use AAC audio encoding.


Audio Video Interleave (AVI)

SongShow Plus supports the playback of AVI files, but that support is dependent on what audio and video codecs are installed on the system. The only way to be sure that an AVI file is supported in SongShow Plus is to test play it in SongShow Plus.



Trusted Components

For the purpose of application stability, SongShow Plus will only use video components that are known and tested. These are considered trusted components. You can, if you want, tell SongShow Plus to use any video components that are installed on the system. This is useful for those who are comfortable installing various codec packs that are freely downloadable from various places. The setting for this is found in the Configuration Window.



Incompatible Videos

Even videos that seem like they should be supported by the list above, including WMV files, it is possible that a video can be rendered with settings that are not compatible with the components used by SongShow Plus. It is always best to test a video in SongShow Plus ahead of time.