Video Devices

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This feature lets you select a live video capture device and use it like a media source. These devices can be used to provide live video as a background, fill, video overlay, and can be presented as a primary media object like other slide shows. To use a video device in one of these scenarios, you first import the device into SongShow Plus which will then create a media file that references the device. From there, you will select or present the media file when you want to use the video device.


This feature is designed to provide a convenient way to add live video to a presentation, but it it relies on that is typically considered to be low-end equipment and will have a significant lag making it appear that the audio is not in sync with the video when it's used to show video of a person speaking. If you're intent is to you provide an IMAG solution through your system, you'll want to look at SongShow Plus's DeckLink integration solution for higher quality video.


This feature requires that Capture Device Support is licensed.