Video Devices - Add a Video Device

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To add a video capture device to the SongShow Plus device list, from the Presenter Window:


1.Ensure that the video device is connected to your system. If the device has an external power supply, ensure that it is turned on.
1.Ensure that no other program is using your video device at this time. Video devices typically cannot be used by more than one application at a time.
2.Ensure the Video Devices panel is open.
3.Select the menu command Video Devices > Create or Acquire From > Create Device File. This will open the Video Capture Device window.
4.Select the device you want to import in the Device list.
5.Enter the name you want to use to identify this video device in the Video Device File Name control.
6.Click Save. This will save the information about this video device to the file.
7.You will now be asked what you want to do with the new file. Select an option, then continue.


After importing this device, it will be available for use as a presentable media item. It can also be used as a Video Device background, Background Improv, and Overlay Improv.