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SongShow Plus provides a way to present custom made countdown timers. These timers act like video files but are not actual video files. When creating a timer, you can specify its start time, resolution, and its appearance. There are a number of pre-made timers you can use as templates. Timers can be created to be one of the following types: Countdown, Countdown To, Count Up, and Time of Day.


Timer videos are available for use anywhere other video files can be used. They can be presented as featured media, as a background, video object in a slide, video fill, and within Overlay Improv. Other than creating timers, all other aspects of finding and using existing timers are the same as those for videos.


Changes with 8.2

Up until SongShow Plus 8.2, the custom timers module used an older SongShow video technology. Using this older technology, you could present timers as featured media, but could not use them in other ways, such as in slide shows, backgrounds, fills, and Overlay Improv. With 8.2, the custom timer module has been upgraded to use the current SongShow video technology. Timers can now be used in all places where other video files can also be used. Because of this, custom timer files are now placed within the Videos folder tree. The Timers Panel no longer exists. If you have made custom timers in a previous version of SongShow Plus, these files are automatically copied into a Timers subfolder within the Videos panel.


Using Timers in Slide Shows

With SongShow Plus 8.2, you can now use timers within a slide show. The custom timer properties include settings such as upper text, lower text and shadow settings. These are here for convenience when creating stand-alone timers. However, when using a timer within a slide show, it is recommended that you use the slide show object properties to set effects like shadows rather than the custom timer shadows. When doing this, you can also apply any other effects you want to us to the custom timer.



Note: You can also present timers using the Improv Collection Instant Message feature. (These use a completely different timer mechanism than the custom timers described in this section.) There are also a large collection of pre-made countdown videos available from Shift Worship.