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accessory product or service

An accessory product or service is one that can be used with SongShow Plus, but for which there is no official support. Technical support for use of accessory products or services with SongShow Plus by SongShow Plus technical support services is limited at best and is typically not provided.


accessory feature

This is a feature that is provided within SongShow Plus that is not considered to be a primary feature. It is provided for the convenience of the user, but should be avoided if possible.


aspect ratio

A fractional measurement that indicates the height of an item relative to its width. A screen size of 640x480 has an aspect ratio of 640/480 = 1.333... This is typically notated as 4:3. The typical aspect ratios of screens used today are 4:3 and 16:9.


associated product or service

An associated product or service is one that is closely associated with the SongShow Plus product in that it is developed by the same company (R-Technics) and is included with the product or has a strong internal tie. Associated products may be sold separately from SongShow Plus itself or may be included depending on the packaging.


deprecated product or service

A deprecated product or service is one that used to be a supported product or service but for which support is now limited. This typically means that future support will be removed altogether and that technical support related to the integration of SongShow Plus and the deprecated product or service is limited.


display device

Refers to a physical device used for display and can mean a monitor or a projector.


display window

Refers to a window used for media presentation output. A display window will typically use the entire area of a display device, but can also share the display device with another display window, or may only occupy part of a display device.


related product or service

A related product or service is one that is or may be used in conjunction with SongShow Plus but is not provided as part of the SongShow Plus product.



Clicking on a control using the right button of the mouse.



A process that copies media content from a disc media format to a computer disc as a file format. By converting the source media into a file, SongShow Plus users can more easily manipulate the files for presentation. Ripping media content is subject to copyright laws. Ripping encrypted content is considered illegal in the United States. Ripping any content should be done with consideration to applicable laws and the legal counsel of your organization.


supported product or service

A supported product or service is one for which SongShow Plus is designed to work with but is not part of the SongShow Product itself. SongShow Plus technical support for supported products and services is limited to integration and the features directly associated with their use with SongShow Plus.