Sync - Synchronizing Files

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To upload changes you have made to a synchronized folder on your local machine, or to download changes other users have made, you run a synchronization. By default, synchronization both uploads and downloads files. However, you have the option to either upload files only or download files only.


To synchronize a folder, from within the SongShow Plus Presenter Window,


1.Select the Tools > Synchronize > (repository name)... menu command. If you are only using the default shared repository, repository name will be Shared. If you have other repositories you are using, those name will appear in this menu as well. After selecting the menu command, the SongShow Sync window will open.
2.Follow the steps presented in this window to complete the synchronization process.


Note: It's not usually necessary to close SongShow Plus during synchronization. However, if a file in a synced folder is in using during the process then the process will not complete. In this case, you'll need to shut down SongShow Plus to continue the sync process. To help prevent this situation, make sure that you are not presenting or editing any files in a sync folder.


Also note that if you have a program or slide show that uses external media files, all of these files will also need to be a sync folder, otherwise they will not be available to other users. To help ensure this happens, SongShow Plus will check for files that are not in the sync folder. If it finds any, it will copy the file to the sync folder then modify the program or slide show to user the copied file. If you don't wish for SongShow Plus to automatically copy files into the sync folders and would prefer to handle this your self, then be sure to add or copy the media files yourself first before using them in a slide show or program.