Sync - Select a Repository

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To access a repository for your organization, from within the SongShow Plus Presenter Window,


To access a repository for your organization, from within the Control Window,


1.Select the Settings > Synchronized Folders menu command. This will open the Synchronized Folders windows.
2.Enter the user name and password for your organization's SongShow Plus admin account. By default, the user name is your organization's ID number and the password the zip code of your address.
3.Click the Get Repositories button. This will contact the server and get a list of repositories your organization subscribes to. By default, you should see at least one repository called Shared.
4.Select which repositories you want to use on this machine by checking the box next to each repository.
5.Click the Save button.
6.Restart SongShow Plus.


After restarting SongShow Plus, you will see that media panels for Slide Shows, Images, Videos, Audio Tracks, and Web Pages how include the repositories you just selected to the Sync Folders branch. The Song media panel will now have new databases to search with the names of the repositories as well. And when saving programs, you now have the option to save a program to a sync folder.


When SongShow Plus is restarted after adding a sync folder, you will receive a tip asking if you want to synchronize the files for this folder. If this repository already has files that you need to use, you should do this now. However, you can synchronize the new folder at a later time. See Synchronizing Files.