Songs - Import from SongSelect

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If your church has a CCLI SongSelect account, you can import song lyrics from that account directly into SongShow Plus. To do this, your machine will need to have an Internet connection. If your machine does not have an Internet connection, you can import songs from SongSelect download file.


How to import a song from SongSelect when online:


1.Ensure the Songs panel is open.
2.Select Songs > Create or Acquire From > SongSelect Online. This will open the SongSelect Import window.
3.The first time you open this window, you will be shown a list of accounts with the caption Select Account.. If the list of accounts is empty, click Select Another Account, then follow the instructions for connecting to a SongSelect account.
4.Select the account you wish to use. This account will be automatically selected for you next time you go to import a song (these last two steps will be skipped).
5.Click Select Files. This will take you to the search page.
6.Enter the text of the song you wish to search for, then press Enter. All matching songs will be listed below.
7.Check the box next to the song entry you wish to import. You can select more than one song if necessary. Simply clicking on the song will provide to you a preview of the song lyrics.
8.Click Perform Import. This will import the song(s) you have selected.
9.If the import was successful, you will be given options to display, edit, or add the song to a program.



How to import a song from a SongSelect download file:


1.From a machine connected to the Internet
1.1.Login to SongSelect and find the song you want to import.
1.2.Go to the lyrics tab.
1.3.Above the lyrics, you'll see a Download button. Use that button to download the file. If you given the option to choose between a Text File or a USR File, select USR File (Text will work too, but USR works better).
1.4.Save the file to a thumb drive, or other removable media.
2.On the machine that is not connected to the Internet:
2.1.Ensure the Songs panel is open.
2.2.Select Songs > Create, Import From > SongSelect Download File. This will open the SongSelect Download File Importer window.
2.3.Click Select Source Files. This will open a file selection window.
2.4.Select the file(s) you want to import, then click Open. The file(s) will now be shown in the list box.
2.5.Click Import to import the files.
2.6.If the import was successful, you will be given options to display, edit, or add the song to a program.