Songs - Import from an XML document

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SongShow Plus lets you import songs using a simple XML format as documented below.


1.Ensure the Songs Media Panel is visible.
2.Select the menu command Songs > Create or Acquire from > XML Document. This will open the Select Song Import File.
3.Find and select the XML document you wish to import. Click Open. The songs in the document will be imported.
4.You will then be given a few options of what you want to do with the imported song(s).


The following is an example of how the XML document should be formatted. At this time, only the ISO-8859-1 encoding type is supported. All elements are optional with the exception of Title. Use a "//" to indicate line breaks in lyrics. There can be multiple SongImport elements within the SongImportList element which lets you import more than one song at a time.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>









                 <Lyrics Part="Verse 1">This is verse 1 line 1//This is verse 1 line 2//This is verse 1 line 3</Lyrics>

                 <Lyrics Part="Verse 2">This is verse 2 line 1//This is verse 2 line 2//This is verse 2 line 3</Lyrics>

                 <Lyrics Part="Chorus">This is the chorus line 1//This is the chorus line 2//This is the chorus line 3</Lyrics>

                 <Lyrics Part="Bridge">This is the bridge line 1//This is the bridge line 2</Lyrics>



         <Copyright>(c) 2001 MyMusicSource</Copyright>


                 <Part>Verse 1</Part>


                 <Part>Verse 2</Part>





















         <Notes>These are my notes.</Notes>