Songs - Edit a Song

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To edit an existing song from within the Presenter window:


1.Find the song you wish to edit.
2.Select the menu command Songs > Edit Song. This will open the Song Properties window.
3.Make the changes you wish to make to the song.
4.Click Save and Close to save the changes you just made. You can also click Save which will save the changes but will keep the window open letting you continue making changes.


Note that songs included in the Stock Hymns and Christmas Carols database are read-only. If you wish to modify one of these songs, you first need to duplicate the song. The duplicated song is editable. You can do this using the menu command Songs > Duplicate Song. This will immediately make a copy of the selected song. You will then be asked what you want to do with the song, one option being Edit the song. Select this option to edit the duplicated song.