Slide Shows

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SongShow Plus has built-in slide show capabilities. With them, you can build slide shows for sermon notes, announcements, scripture reading, liturgy, and illustrations. You can also include videos within slide shows. Slide shows can be built from scratch using the Slide Builder application that comes with SongShow Plus. There are also a number of wizard-type builders you can use that will step you through the process of making typical slide shows.


SongShow Plus also supports both the import and playback of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations. Both of these options requires that Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or later be installed on your system. When imported, PowerPoint presentations are converted to image-based slide shows in the SongShow Plus format. Each slide is a single snapshot image of a PowerPoint slide. This slide show can then be presented without using PowerPoint itself which makes it more integrated with SongShow Plus and lets you present the slide show on a machine that does not have PowerPoint installed. Note that when you import a PowerPoint presentation into a SongShow Plus format, you lose the capability to use any PowerPoint animations and transitions. Also, the individual elements of the slides (like text, and images) are not available for editing within the new slide -- this is because the slides are imported as a single image, not as a collection of slide object elements.


The second option will play a PowerPoint presentation within the SongShow Plus display window using PowerPoint's own display window. This has the advantage of using the PowerPoint engine itself to present its own presentations. This options does require that PowerPoint be installed on the machine from which you're presenting. It is also less integrated with SongShow Plus than when using the native slide show format which means that things like SongShow Plus slide properties are not used by the PowerPoint presentations.