Slide Shows - Slide Scheduling

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By default, slides within a slide show will always present when the slide show is presented. You can, however, schedule slides to only present on certain days and within a date range. To schedule a slide, from within Slide Builder,


1.Edit the slide show that contains the slide you wish to schedule.
2.Select the slide you wish to schedule.
3.Click the Slide Tools tab. You will see the controls used to edit a slide.
4.In this toolbar is a sectioned labeled Schedule. This contains the controls that let you specify when a slide is to be presented.


Now, when you present the slide show, this slide will only be included in the presentation if the date and/or day-of-week matches the schedule for the slide at the time that the slide show is presented.


Note that this check only takes place when a slide show is presented. It does not perform a check each time that the slide itself is presented. For example, if you have a slide that is schedule to be presented only on Sundays, if you present the slide show on Sunday, and leave it running until Monday, the slide will still appear. Similarly, if you present the slide show on Saturday, the slide will not appear, nor will it appear if you leave the slide show running until the next day. This will typically only be an issue if you are using a slide show for digital signage and leaving a machine on and running your slide show for several days. This is not a problem, however, if you are using a SongShow Signage machine which automatically restarts slide shows each day.