Slide Shows - Slide Properties Themes

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A slide show contains one or more slide properties themes. These themes are used to specify the default styles used by each slide in a slide show. By default, a slide show has one theme and all slides use that theme. You can add additional themes then set one or more slide to use those themes. This lets you have slides within a single slide show that have different looks to them yet retaining the ability to adjust those looks using a common set of properties.


To add a new slide property theme to a slide show, from within Slide Builder, select the menu command File > Add Theme. This will open the Slide Properties Themes window. To edit the current set of themes, select the menu command File > Edit Themes. This will also open the Slide Properties Themes window letting you make changes to any of the themes used by the slide show. There is no control to delete a theme.


To select a theme to be used by a slide, select the slide in the slide list, then select the menu command Slide > Theme. A submenu will open letting you select one of the existing themes, or you can add a new theme that will be used by the slide.