Signage - Publish a Slide Show

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To publish a slide show from within the Presenter Window:


1.Find the slide show you wish to publish.
2.Right-click on the name of the slide show. This will open a pop-up menu.
3.Select the Edit menu command. If the file is a native SongShow Plus slide show, it will open the Slide Builder window.*
4.Select the menu command File > Publish. This will open the SongShow Signage Publisher window.
5.If you have not logged into an SongShow Plus online account yet, or if you have but the sign-in information is no longer current, you will be presented with a user name/password page. Enter that information then click Next. If your credentials are accepted, you will move on to the Channels page next page. Otherwise, you'll be asked to re-enter your credentials.
6.The channels page lets you select which channels you want to publish the slide show to. Select the channels then click Next.
7.At this point, the content will be uploaded to the signage server. Once completed you'll see a message indicating that your content has been published.
8.Click Next to exit the publisher.


Your signage players should receive the new content within a few minutes.


*Note: You can only publish native SongShow Plus slide shows. PowerPoint presentations are not supported by the signage service.