Signage - Manage Players

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Each of your signage players can be assigned to a specific content channel, and can also be given a schedule of times when the player on and playing content and when it should be off in power save mode.


To manage your digital signage players from within Slide Show Builder:


1.Select the menu command Settings > Manage Signage > Players. This will open the SongShow Signage Players window.
2.If you have not logged into an SongShow Plus online account yet, or if you have but the sign-in information is no longer current, you will be presented with a user name/password page. Enter that information then click Next. If your credentials are accepted, you will move on to the Channels page next page. Otherwise, you'll be asked to re-enter your credentials. Note that you must use a user account that has permission to manage the signage players.
3.This window lists all of your organizations signage players at the left. To the right are the controls that let you specify a channel for the player and an optional schedule for on/off times. You can specify multiple on/off times for the display.
4.After you have made your changes, click Next. At this time, your changes will be sent to the signage server. Your player machines should get the updates within a few minutes.