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For systems installed with a Black Magic Designs DeckLink video card, SongShow Plus can use that device to produce lag-free text-over motion video. SongShow Plus supports the card's capabilities for both internal keying and external keying. Internal keying is when a video source is input into the computer, which then overlays the text, then sends the composite image to the card's output. External keying is when the computer sends both the fill and the key signal separately to a mixer designed to handle both inputs. In this scenario, the video mixer overlays the text onto the video image.


Correctly identifying a compatible DeckLink card and getting is installed and configured correctly can be a challenge and there are a number of compatibility issues that need to be considered. Because of this, if you want to use SongShow Plus as a downstream keyer, our recommendation is to consider a turn-key system that has already been configured specifically for this purpose. It will save you time and frustration. Turn-key systems for SongShow Plus downstream keying are available from GoFishMedia.