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SongSelect Website - Supported Service

SongSelect is a web-based service provided by CCLI. This service lets you search for and download song lyrics for thousands of worship service related songs. SongShow Plus has provided a download and import tool since the service was introduced years ago. SongShow Plus 8.0 implemented a direct integration with the SongSelect API making the song import process for more integrated than previous versions of SongShow Plus. Use of the web-based SongSelect service requires a license and subscription with CCLI, and a current SongShow Plus Upgrade Service subscription.




Legacy SongSelect Windows Application - Deprecated Service

SongShow Plus provided direct integration with the Windows-based versions of SongSelect versions 2 and 3. This product is no longer provided by nor supported by CCLI. Support for SongSelect version 3 was provided through SongShow Plus version 7 through a plug-in. SongShow Plus 8.0 still provides integration with SongSelect version 3 but only if you have SongShow Plus 7 and its SongSelect plug-in installed on the same system. Future support for the Windows-base SongSelect product in SongShow Plus after 8.0 is undetermined, but will be discontinued at some point.