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One Drive is a cloud storage and sharing service provided by Microsoft. It is useful to store and share all types of files and directly integrates with the newer versions of Microsoft Office. SongShow Plus can directly integrate with a One Drive accounts letting you share and import image and videos for preparing presentations, and moving package-to-go files from a workstation machine to a projection machine remotely.


Important Note: As of 7/2014, it is our understanding that the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded to a One Drive account through the One Drive API is 100 MB. This limits the usefulness of One Drive if you are trying to use it to exchange program and slide show packages that contain may images or large video files. If your package files are consistently less than 100 MB, or you are using One Drive to exchange single image and video files, then it will still be a useful tool for you. Since this limit is set my Microsoft itself, it may change in the future.