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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation program for the Windows platform. SongShow Plus 8.0 is designed to work with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. With SongShow Plus, you can present PowerPoint presentations directly from the SongShow Plus Presenter Window. When you do this, SongShow Plus invokes the PowerPoint player, which takes over the SongShow Plus display window. You can also import PowerPoint presentations as image slides. When you do this, the slide show can be presented without the use of the PowerPoint player. You can also import song lyrics from existing PowerPoint presentations.


All of these functions require that PowerPoint be installed on the same system as SongShow Plus. When a presentation is imported into SongShow Plus, PowerPoint is required for the import process, but is not used after the content has been imported.


SongShow Plus 8.4 is tested with both Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and 2016, which is the recommended version to use. Technical support for versions of PowerPoint prior to 2013 is limited.


Note: If you are using PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2016, you should disable the "Use Presenter View" option when presenting PowerPoint content through SongShow Plus. If this option is enabled, you will notice unexpected flashing on the screens. To disable this feature:


 1) From the ribbon in PowerPoint, select the Slide Show tab.

 2) In the section called Monitors, confirm the following:

         a) The Monitor selection is set to Automatic

         b) The "Use Presenter View" option is un-checked.


Compatibility Issues: Despite our efforts to ensure a good integration of PowerPoint and SongShow Plus, there are some compatibility issues to be aware of, particularly related to PowerPoint 2016 and to Windows 10. For more information, review this KB article that summarizes various PowerPoint issues.