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Google Drive is a cloud storage and sharing service provided by Google. It is useful to store and share all types of files and directly integrates with their online document editing suite. SongShow Plus can directly integrate with a Google Drive accounts letting you share and import image and videos for preparing presentations, and moving package-to-go files from a workstation machine to a projection machine remotely.


Important Note: When using Google Drive integration within SongShow Plus, keep in mind an important characteristic of the Google Drive service that distinguishes itself from other online and local file systems, which is that Google Drive lets you have multiple files and folders with the same name. This causes a potential point of confusion when used with SongShow Plus, which is that it may be difficult to determine which file or folder of the same name you are actually referencing from within SongShow Plus. When sharing files through Google Drive for use with SongShow Plus, take care to use unique file names.


Also, when querying all files and folders from a Google Drive account, some file and folders will not show up if the total number of files you have in the account exceeds one thousand. If you account has more than one thousand files, you'll need to use the text search to file certain files in the account.