Knowledge Base - Countdown Timers

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Countdown timers are frequently used in church settings to indicate the time remaining before a service or event. SongShow Plus provides a few different ways you can use countdown timers:


Countdown videos: These are video files provided by a number of media content developers. These are provided in common video formats like .MOV (H.264) or WMV (Windows Media). SongShow Plus can play any of these videos that are provided in a common format.
Custom Timers: SongShow Plus provides a way for you to build custom timers and play them back like video files. These timers are not rendered to a video files but are instead rendered at run time. Customizations let you specify things like the start time of the video, it size, appearance, and other properties. You also set timers to countdown to automatic time points like the next half hour mark. Timers can also count up or simply present the time of day. Learn more about custom timers in Timers topic.
Instant Message: The Instant Message feature of SongShow Plus also lets you embed a timer in a text message. Learn more about customer timers in Improv Collection, Instant Message.