Improv Collection - Overlay Improv

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Overlay Improv is a feature that lets you play a video or present an image over the current slide, and do so independent of the presented media file. This can be used to do things like show a countdown timer that runs independently of a pre-service slide show, a lower-corner screen bug with your church logo, or picture-in-picture effect showing a live shot of someone signing for the hearing impaired.


To use the Overlay Improv feature from within the SongShow Plus Presenter Window:


1.Ensure the Improv Collection Panel is visible by selecting the menu command View > Improv Collection Panel.
2.Ensure the Overlay Improv panel is selected by clicking the Overlay Improv tab within the Improv Collection Panel.
3.Find the media item (video, image, or video device) you wish to show as an overlay.
4.Click the present button next to the media item. This will present the media item over the current slide. By default, this will appear in the lower-right corner of the slide.
5.When you are finished with the overlay, click Clear. This will fade out the overlay.


To change the location of the overlay, click the Settings button on the right side of the Overlay Improv panel. This will open a side panel with controls letting you set the left, top, width, and height of the overlay area. In here you can set the opacity level of the overlay.


You can change the transition time with settings in the toolbar of the Overlay Improv panel. There is also an audio level settings as well. By default, the audio level for overlays is set to mute.


Note that if you want to use a video capture device as an overlay, you must first add that device to SongShow Plus.