Improv Collection - Background Improv

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Background Improv let's you change background videos and images on-the-fly for songs and other slide shows. This feature can be used in conjunction with a secondary Display Window for environmental projection. This feature works in conjunction with the Background layers for slide properties, and can also be used as a fill for foreground.


Background Improv for Songs

To use Background Improv for songs from within the SongShow Plus Presenter Window:


1.Select the menu command Slide Properties > Songs. This will open the Default Slide Properties window with the Songs media type selected.
2.Ensure the Background check box item is checked. This will make the Background properties panel visible.
3.Click the Improv button. This will set the background setting to use the Background Improv fill.
4.Click OK. This will save and close the window.
5.Present a song. The background should be using Background Improv at this point, and it will likely be a black background at this point.
6.Ensure the Improv Collection Panel is visible by selecting the menu command View > Improv Collection Panel.
7.Ensure the Background Improv panel is selected by clicking the Background Improv tab within the Improv Collection Panel.
8.Within the Background Improv panel, you will see Search Icons and controls for finding and listing images and videos. Use these controls to find a video or image you wish to set as the background.
9.Click the Present Button next to the item you selected. This will cause the background of the currently displayed to change.
10.You can now select other images or videos for the background and change them independent of which song slides are presented.