Improv Collection - Audio Improv

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The Audio Improv panel lets you play audio tracks independent of presenting them. This lets you leave a slide show or other content on the screen while you play one or more audio tracks you select during a service. To use the Audio Improv panel within the SongShow Plus Presenter Window:


1.Ensure the Improv Collection Panel is visible by selecting the menu command View > Improv Collection Panel.
2.Ensure the Audio Improv panel is selected by clicking the Audio Improv tab within the Improv Collection Panel.
3.Within the Audio Improv panel, you will see Search Icons and controls for finding and listing audio tracks. Use these controls to find the audio tracks you want to play.
4.Click the Present Button next to an audio track you wish to play. This will cause the audio track to play but will not affect the contents of the Display Window.


To stop a track from playing click the No Track button.


Across the top of the Audio Improv panel are controls that let you adjust the audio level and set a playing track to automatically loop.


Note: Audio Improv is part of the Improv Collection which is available with the Professional Edition of SongShow Plus and is available through a plug-in license for the Basic Edition.