Common UI Controls - Options - Effects - Shadow

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This effect lets you apply a shadow to any object.




Draws a block type shadow


Draws a drop type shadow



Distance of the shadow from the object relative to the size of the slide.


Blur Amount

Amount of blur to apply to the shadow to create a soft-shadow effect.



The darkness level of the shadow. The lower the intensity, the more transparent the shadow is. The higher the intensity, the less transparent the shadow is.



Specifies the color of the shadow.


Light Source

Specifies the virtual location of the light source. If the light source is, say, top-left, the shadow will be drawn at the lower-right. If you choose Straight for the light source, the shadow will not be visible unless there is a blur applied to the shadow.



Note: You can create a glow effect by using a straight light source with a high blur amount and a bright shadow color.


Read the Knowledge Based article on the Shadow Setting to learn the difference between the Shadow property in the Shadow Selection Panel and the Shadow Effect in the Effects Selection Panel.