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NOTE: This feature is designated an accessory feature to SongShow Plus. It has limited support. There are a number of reasons to avoid playing videos from disc media from within SongShow Plus. Rather than play DVD directly, we recommend that you find ways to legally acquire the same videos through services like WingClips, through original content providers like ShiftWorship, or through ripping DVDs when permitted by the copyright holder and by law.


The DVD feature of SongShow Plus is provided solely through components that may be installed on your system. If these components are not present on your machine, then DVD playback by SongShow Plus will also not be supported on your machine. Also note that just because you have DVD software on your machine doesn't mean that SongShow Plus can use that software to play a DVD. Some software is compatible with SongShow Plus, and some is not.


The DVD feature of SongShow Plus is most likely to work on Windows 10 with the DVD component installed, Windows 8.x Pro with Media Center, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. On these systems you are likely to get DVD video. It's possible that you will not get DVD audio. If this is the case, you may consider installing an a third-party Dolby Digital codec such as AC3Filter. The DVD feature will also work on Windows XP using older versions of WinDVD (version 8) and PowerDVD (version 7) and typically will provide both video and audio support for DVD. These older versions will also work on newer versions of Windows.