Configuration - Mobile Control Settings

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The Mobile Control feature lets you remote control a SongShow Plus machine through mobile apps and web browsers. The mobile apps let you control specific functions like stepping through a program, calling up songs and scripture on-the-fly, color improv, and background improv. These functions are also available directly through a mobile web browser, but that approach requires more steps to use by the end-user. There is also an app that lets you upload media files directly to a SongShow Plus machine. Links to these apps are available at the SongShow Plus download page.


Before using mobile control, it's necessary to ensure that your network is configured for this capability. Mobile devices, of course, access networks wirelessly. You will need to have a local wireless access point installed and running. The access point needs to be on the same subnet as the SongShow Plus machine. If it is not, then the mobile apps will not see the SongShow Plus machines.


When this feature is enabled, SongShow Plus starts up an internal HTTP server that is used by the remote apps. By default, this feature is disabled. To configure mobile control:


1.From the Presenter Window, select the menu command Settings > Mobile Control. This will open the Mobile Control Settings window.
2.Ensure the Enabled control is checked. When enabled, the internal HTTP server is started up when SongShow Plus is run.
3.Enter the server IP address if necessary. This is only necessary if your machine has two or more IP addresses associated with it. If this is the case, you'll need to select the IP address that is visible to subnet that your mobile devices are using. To use the default IP address, leave this field empty.
4.Enter the HTTP port to by used by the internal HTTP server. Typically, HTTP runs on port 80. However, it's not uncommon for machines to have their own web servers installed and running (some Windows installations come this way). If this is the case for your own machine, then you'll need to select an alternate port, such as 81.
5.Specify whether the to enable the beacon or not using the Beacon Enabled control. The beacon is used by the iOS and Android remote control apps to find available SongShow Plus machines. Enabling the beacon is the recommended setting if you are using these apps. If the the beacon is not enabled, connecting to a SongShow Plus machine requires entering the HTTP IP address and port manually on each mobile device and for each of the SongShow Plus apps. The beacon is only used by the apps. If you are using a mobile browser, you'll need to enter the IP address and port manually as a URL in the browser to access the mobile control features.
6.Specifies which port to use for the beacon. The default is 1111. If you change this value, you'll also need to change this setting on each of the SongShow Plus mobile apps on each device.
7.If you want to require that users accessing the mobile control feature be authenticated, ensure that the User Authentication Required control is checked. When checked, mobile apps will ask for a user name password before providing control access to the SongShow Plus machine. The user name and password must match a user name and password available to the SongShow Plus machine. This can be either a local user account or a domain user account.
8.Click Save to store the changes. SongShow Plus will need to be restarted for these changes to take effect.


Note: This feature is available if you have licensed the Professional feature set or, with the Basic feature set, the additional Mobile Control feature.