Configuration - CCLI License Number

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Many churches use a CCLI license to ensure compliance with copyright laws related to the reproduction of song lyrics. If you're church is a CCLI license holder, you will typically need to display the license number at some point on the screen. SongShow Plus can configured to present the license number along with the title of the songs you use that are covered by the CCLI license. By default, SongShow Plus will include the CCLI license information for a song if that song has a CCLI Song Number associated with it and you have entered your CCLI license number into the system.


To enter your CCLI license number:

1.From the Presenter Window, select the menu command Settings > CCLI License Number. This will open the CCLI License Number window.
2.Enter your license number into the field provided.
3.Click Save to store your changes.
4.SongShow Plus will need to be restarted for this change to take effect.