Configuration - Audio Codec Settings

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Audio support in SongShow Plus is provided through use of third-party components, typically those that come stock with Microsoft Windows. The exception is AAC support (the audio format typically used with H.264 video files) which is provided through a component shipped with SongShow Plus that is licensed from a third-party. By default, SongShow Plus will only use these components when playing a video file. This is for application stability reasons due to the inconsistent implementation of other third-party components.


However, if you have installed a codec pack from another source and would like to use that for audio support in SongShow Plus, you can do so. To do this:


1.From the Presenter Window, select the menu comment Settings > Audio and Video Settings. This will open the Audio and Video Settings window.
2.In the Audio Components box, select option B.
3.Click Save. You'll need to restart SongShow Plus for this change to take effect.