Online Services

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SongShow Plus can directly access a number online services to help you in your preparation of song sets and presentations. Use of these services through SongShow Plus requires a current SongShow Plus Subscription.


Planning Center Online

This is a service used by many churches for the planning of worship services. After linking SongShow Plus to your Planning Center Online (PCO) account, you can import service plans from PCO into SongShow Plus as programs. This process will let you associate song references in PCO to the SongShow Plus song files on your machine. If the song file doesn't exist on your machine, you can choose to import it from SongSelect (see below). You can also import songs stored in PCO as PDF or Word documents. Additionally, if the service plan includes video elements, these too will be downloaded into the SongShow Plus media folder and automatically referenced in the imported program.



This service provides you with access to hundreds of quality background vidoes and stills, mini-movies for sermon, and countdown videos. After linking SongShow Plus with your ShiftWorship account, you can search for and preview content directly from the SongShow Plus user interface. Any content you choose to use will be downloaded directly to the SongShow Plus files without any additional work on your part.



This service provides you access to the lyrics of thousands of songs. After linking SongShow Plus with your SongSelect account, you can quickly download the lyrics to just about any song you'll ever need to use in a church service, all without any copy and paste.


Drop Box, Google Drive, One Drive

These services let you store and share files using cloud-based storage and access. After linking SongShow Plus with your cloud storage account, you can import media that has been shared with you from other accounts, or use your own account to share media with your media team. You can also use it to send package-to-go files from your home or notebook workstation to cloud storage where it can be directly imported by your media team. While you can do similar things using these services' own web and local-system based tools, the direct integration SongShow Plus has with these services makes interaction with them seamless.


Note that integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive is considered an accessory feature of SongShow Plus, meaning it is provided for user convenience but has limited support if problems occur. SongShow Sync and SongShow Drive, included with the SongShow Upgrade Service, provide all the same features that the other three services provide but are completely integrated with SongShow Plus and are fully supported.