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The instructions below assume that you have already connected and configured your DeckLink card and verified that it is working as expected using their LiveKey tool. If you have not done this yet, please do this first. Until you know that LiveKey will present a partially transparent image over a live video in the video resolution you want to use, you can't move onto SongShow Plus configuration because the DeckLink card is not yet connected and configured correctly. Once it is, the following steps are needed to get SongShow Plus to work with the DeckLink card.


Configure Display Settings

1.In the SongShow Plus Presenter Window, select the Settings > Display Settings menu item. This will open the Display Settings window.
2.Click the Display Window 1 tab. This will show the controls for Display Window 1.
3.Ensure that Placement is set to Display Device.
4.For the Display Device setting, select the display to use for rendering slides. Typically, you'll use on of the hidden displays. Select the display that matches the resolution of the video format you are using with the DeckLink card. Note, however, if you intend to use send PowerPoint or WebPage output to the DeckLink card, you must use a non-hidden window, otherwise these media items will not show up in the DeckLink output.
5.Ensure that Placement Area is set to Whole. No other option is supported with a DeckLink output. If you want to use a lower-third output with the DeckLink, you'll need to set that up using slide margins.
6.Ensure that Transparent Base is set to Yes. If this is set to No, the video background will be obscured by a solid overlay.
7.Click OK to save the changes.


Configure DeckLink Settings

1.In the SongShow Plus Presenter Window, select the Settings > DeckLink Settings menu item. This will open the DeckLlink Settings window.
2.Select the Resolution Mode you are using with your video system.
3.Select the Key mode you are using. Most likely, this will be Internal.
4.Click Connect. This will connect SongShow Plus to the DeckLink card.
5.If you will be using the DeckLink card on a regular bases, check the Automatically connect at start-up option. By doing this, you won't need to go to this window every time you want to use DeckLink.
6.Click Close to close the window.


Ensure Transparent Backgrounds

When specifying slide properties for song, scriptures, and slide shows, if you intend for any of these have text that is overlaying video, you will need to ensure that the background is set to be transparent. To do this, within the Background slide property panel:

1.Ensure that Base Color is set to a transparent setting.
2.Ensure that there are no items in the Layers list, that is, unless you are using a layer that is partially transparent. A layer may be partially transparent if its image or video source has transparent areas in it, or if you have applied an effect that causes the layer to be partially transparent, like the Transparent effect.


Note: DVD is not supported with a DeckLink output.