songshow plus worship presentation software


There are a lot of great programs available for creating content for your church but the cost required to obtain these programs is often out of reach - not to mention needing a staff member or key volunteer with the right skill set to make content.

Most of the time, you just want to do something simple, like create an announcement slide for an upcoming winter retreat or apply a color filter or a blur to an existing motion background to use behind song lyrics. songshow plus comes with an incredible toolset that allows you to create and elevate content.

Elevate your existing content with great tools like colorization, hue adjustments, blurs, hinges, reflections,image masking and overlay and much more. Create content through our simple builders that not only allow you to layout graphics and slideshows with the same tools found in high-priced design software, but give you the flexibility to change these graphics on the fly right in songshow with no rendering or exporting!

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