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Matrox Graphics Expansion Devices not working as expected


Sometimes when attempting to split displays in SongShow Plus using a Matrox Graphics Expansion Device, commonly referred to as a DualHeadToGo or TripleHeadToGo device, the settings do not stay as set or the displayed content does not go where it is intended to.

Possible Cause:
If the Matrox Control software is installed, it can cause these types of issues.

Possible Solutions: 
NOTE:  The Matrox Control software is not required for SSP to utilize the Matrox device.

Option 1: It may be possible to adjust the settings in the Matrox software to avoid the conflict.  Since every setup may be a little different, there are no specific changes listed here.  Recommendation is to experiment with the settings to attempt avoiding the conflict.

Option 2: Uninstall the Matrox Control software.


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