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PowerPoint and the Stage Display*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to SongShow Plus Version 8.4 and later.

The SongShow Plus Stage Display does not show any content when displaying a PowerPoint slide show.

Possible Cause:
It is currently unknown what is causing this but it seems to only occur with PPT 2016 in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. 

Possible Solution: 
At this time there is no viable work-around or setting within PowerPoint 2016 to correct this.  The user can convert PPT slides in the Slide Builder or create/duplicate the content in Slide Builder.

Possible Solution: 
Install PowerPoint 2013.  The last check on this confirmed that the Stage Display in SongShow Plus 8.4 does work as expected with Windows 10 build 1803 and the recommended settings.


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