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User experiences a range check or parsing error with a program or slide show.


When attempting to open a program from a previous version the user receives a "Problem Parsing..." error.  This may also present as a range check, parsing error or general unexpected error with a program or an individual slide show being added to the program.

Possible Cause:
It has been found that older content from early Version 7 builds may have corrupted or incorrectly converted text elements in them that are causing this error.  In each case the issue was related to a text box in a slide show, either added individually or a slide show that existed in an old program.  The exact root cause is still unknown.

Possible Solution:  
If the user creates the Program/Slide Show from scratch this issues will not occur.

Possible Solution:  
If the user is able to determine the suspect slide show, the Text Box on the offending slide(s) can be identified, deleted and replaced as needed to resolve the issue.


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