songshow plus worship presentation software


PPT files momentarily show the first slide when slides are selected out of order


when a PPT file is added to the program and you choose a slide from the middle of the PPT file to display first,  the slide at the beginning of the slideshow always displays first briefly before showing the selected slide.

Possible Cause:
The exact root cause is unknown however while investigating it was determined that this behavior has existed for some time, appearing in Version 7 as well as version 8.  While this may not be the desired behavior it does appear to be the expected behavior for now.  This also seems to occur with several versions of PowerPoint.

Preferred Solution:
Convert the PowerPoint slideshow to a SongShow Plus slideshow.  

Possible Solution:
Re-order the slides on the PowerPoint to place the one to be displayed first at the beginning.  This can be done by editing the PowerPoint file.


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