songshow plus worship presentation software


An Information error will occur when SongShow Plus is opened or closed


When opening or closing/shutting down SongShow Plus, an Information - Please Wait box appears, processes and closes.  This does not appear to have any affect on the operation of SSP though you may notice some settings or pane positions will not save.  This may also effect only one or all users on the system.

Possible Cause:
There is a possibility that a previously saved setting or object that is pointed to in the settings or other properties has been moved, modified or corrupted.  This might be in the Opening Screen or other stored Display or Slide Property area. This can also be stored in an object properties such as a song or slideshow.

Possible Solution:
Check the Preferences options for any broken paths in the Opening Screen and other areas. Set the opening Screen setting to Black. 

Possible Solution:
Check the Display/Slide properties for any broken paths in the background and other areas. Reset the Global Display/Slide Properties to Factory - Default.

Possible Solution:
If this occurs when displaying a specific song or program, check the stored properties for the objects.  Look for items with background properties and clear them.

If none of these resolve the issue, please contact the Support Team for further investigation. 


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