songshow plus worship presentation software


Chromex seems to be using a lot of system resources


When running SongShow Plus, Chromex seems to use a lot of system resources.

Possible Cause:
In most cases this is expected behavior.

This may occur the first few times SSP is run after the initial installation or the addition of a lot of media files.  The resources used by Chromex are used during the indexing process of all the media files in the SongShow Plus file path.  The more and larger media files you have, the longer this indexing process may take. 

Possible Solution:
This behavior is expected in most cases, at least while the files are being indexed for color filtering. Once the initial indexing is complete, the subsequent indexing for added files will be much faster. If large batches of files are added later this may also take a little time.  To address this we recommend that you allow the indexing to complete.  If this is causing an issue at a particular time it could be suspended but it will restart the next time SSP is launch.  If this is the case we recommend that you start up SSP at a time when it will not be used to allow the indexing to complete. 

NOTE: The indexing process can take from several minutes to several hours, depending on the number and size of your media files.

Possible Cause:
In some cases a corrupt or non-standard file could be causing the indexing process to fail.  The Chromex index process will re-try the indexing of previously failed files.

Possible Solution:
If allowing SSP to run for a while does not result in a completed index process you can check the system event log.  Chromex will log the failed media index attempts.  Once these files are identified and removed, the index process should complete. 


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