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Unable to import PowerPoint files or content in SSP


When trying to import PowerPoint Files or content from a PowerPoint file it fails.  The user may get a Class not registered, Class ID: error or if no error, nothing will be copied when trying to create songs or slides from the PowerPoint file.  This can cause a red X problem when adding PPT files.

Possible Cause:
Microsoft PowerPoint is not installed or installed incompletely on the SongShow Plus system.

Possible Solution:
Install a supported version of PowerPoint.

Possible Cause:
If a full installation of a supported PPT version is not installed issues may occur.  In particular, users that are using a "Click to Run" version of the Office Suite, Student Editions or has installed Office leaving needed components in the "Install on first Use" mode may encounter this issue.

Possible Solution:
Un-install the existing PowerPoint version and re-install doing a full installation with all PowerPoint options and shared office options selected for full installation.  If this is done it should be confirmed that the required VBA selections are made for the re-installation.  The disc version has the necessary components selected but downloaded versions may require adjustments to the settings before running the installer.  In many cases, the downloaded web or click to run/install methods will not allow modification to the installation.  In this case the MSI installer or an actual disc for installation is required.
NOTE: Refer to KB FAQ022 for additional installation details. 

Possible Cause:
In some cases, the communication channels between Office and SongShow Plus are broken on the system.  This can be caused by Office updates using unsupported versions.  Once corrupt, uninstalling or reinstalling supported versions of Office may not resolve the issue.

Possible Solution:
An operating system refresh or reinstall may be necessary. Consult your IT Administrator to see if you have image recovery for your SongShow Plus system.  When using Windows 10, the "Fresh Start" tools may be helpful. 
NOTE: Users should backup all relevant and important files before beginning this process.


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