songshow plus worship presentation software


Alert - This component requires DirectX version 9.0c or later


When attempting to use a variety of transitions and/or motion backgrounds, the following alert occurs -- "Unable to use (insert item you are trying to use here) Reason: This component requires DirectX version 9.0c or later."

Possible Cause:
The DirectX updates included in the SongShow Plus installation were not properly executed.

Possible Solution:
Verify by launching the updater.  If any of the DirectX components in the System Components list appear in red, install them again.

Possible Cause:
Full Graphics mode may have become disabled or turned off.  This is required to utilize DirectX dependant features in SongShow Plus.

Possible Solution:
Check the bottom of the Tools menu from the main toolbar in the SSP control panel.  If it appears as pictured below, Full Graphics mode is disabled.  To resolve, simply click on the "Enable full graphics mode features..." button and restart SSP.



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