songshow plus worship presentation software


Certain keyboard keys/controls are non-responsive or cause undesired behavior in the SSP Control panel.


Several tabs in the SSP Control Panel (SSP Forums, Wish List, Support (KB navigation) and User Guide) have control issues - When accessing the content tabs listed from within SSP there are several keyboard controls that do not function as expected. Listed below is a listing of them and the effect of the keystroke.
- Enter key = Not recognized in some fields/pages
- Tab key = Does not work
- Delete key = Does not work
- Keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste (CTRL-X/C; CRTL/SHIFT INS) = Does not work
- up/down/left/right arrows for edit window navigation = Not as expected - The result is moving back and forth between the SSP tabs at the bottom of the SSP interface.

Possible Cause:
Unclear at this time.  The integrated browser controls are similarly affected throughout SSP.
Possible Solution:
The current workaround is to open the content desired in a seperate browser window.  The functions noted here do work as expected when accessing the content directly in a browser.


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