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Virus scanner hits on files related to SongShow Plus


Here at R-Technics we understand that computer users are concerned about viruses in any form and that they can be a big problem.  We do our best to ensure that we are not the cause of any viruses that you may encounter.

During testing of SSP we do multiple levels of virus scanning.  We always check every build exe file, the individual installer exe files and the resulting files on the system after installation with no less than 3 different virus scanners.  In addition, we use a tool on many of the files that runs them against as many as 41 different virus scanning engines. The masters for installation CDs that go out when requested are also scanned separately.

While there are no absolutes when dealing with viruses, this process gives us very high confidence that what we are releasing to you, our valued customers, is virus-free.

Having said that, from time to time we do get reports of SSP files getting hits from a virus scanner and we do follow up on every single one.  Without getting into the specifics, there are some files in SSP that because of their function may be more susceptible to the heuristic scanners which are present in most packages that look at what the file does rather than a specific virus definition.  All of the past cases related to this behavior have been determined to be false positives and usually are corrected over time in the respective virus software packages.

As always, please report any odd behavior of this nature to the Support Team so we can investigate it thoroughly.  They can also be of assistance in working around this issue.

Depending on your situation you may run into this when installing SSP, updating SSP, or during the normal course of using SSP. 
When it comes to working around this situation, it requires setting an exception in the virus scanner control panel to allow the suspect file to operate.  If this occurs during an installation, you may have to set the exception for the target folder to allow the install.  As an alternative you can turn off your virus scanner until after the installation or update is complete and then set the file exception.  If you are not able to set the exception, contact whomever administers the virus software at your location for assistance. Once the exception for scanning the suspect file or folder is set you should be able to use SSP normally.


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