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December 2009 Edition - Bug Fixes


There are some previously reported bugs that have been fixed in the December 2009 Edition:

  • Drag and drop in Win XP was broken and fixed in the Beta cycle. 
  • Quick Message was broken and fixed in the Beta cycle. 
  • Live Video was broken and fixed in the Beta cycle.  This fix was an improvement of the previous patch that was required to use the Live Video Plug-in.
  • An issue with nvidia driver version 196.21 that broke the SSP Beta on XP was corrected.
  • Print Slideshow and song list selection spinners grayed out
  • Builder re-run error causing file browser to open unexpectedly.
  • H.264 issue with playback of .m4v, .mp4v, and .mpg4 video corrected.
  • Path displayed incomplete when adding sub-folders to panels.
  • Snowflake Wipe transition not working as expected.
  • Font selection when editing text in the Slide Show Builder not working as expected.
  • Background Improv folder navigation and state save corrected.
  • Monitor options placements selector not working as expected.
  • CTRL-V does not paste copied objects as expected in Slide Show Builder.


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