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Socket Error occurs when selecting system in SongShow Mobile Control*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to SongShow Plus 9.0 and Later using SongShow Mobile Control.

When connecting to machines on the network it will find and list them but then display a Socket Error when selecting them - Error #22 (Android) or Error #65 (iOS) will be presented.

Possible Cause:
This is a known issue related to IPv6 support.  If the host network does not fully support IPv6, these errors will occur.

Possible Solution:
Update your router and WAN to fully support IPv6 Protocol.

Possible Solution:
Update your local system network interface settings to disable the use of IPv6.


  • Open the local system Network and Internet settings panel.
  • Under the Network Connections, find the adapter that is used to connect to your local network.
  • Open the Properties tab of this device and find the TCP/IPv6 setting option and un-check it.
  • Click OK and close windows.

After this is complete and you restart both SongShow Plus and SongShow Mobile Control, you should be able to connect to and control your systems.


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