songshow plus worship presentation software


Mobile Control - Current program not displaying in the Presenter app.


When using the Mobile Control SSP Presenter app and the user attempts to display the Current Program it will not display.

Possible Cause:
Corrupted text or hidden special characters in one or more songs that are in the program that is to be displayed.  These are most often inserted when cutting/pasting text from another application rather than typing in the song text. This seems to be related to end of line return when blank lines are added.

Troubleshooting Steps:
  1. Remove all songs from the program and try to view it again in Mobile Control.
  2. Add the songs back one at a time until you determine the suspect song.

Possible Solution:
Edit the suspect songs to remove any extra hidden characters by deleting any extra lines or end of sentence returns.  When editing in the song editor these can simply be removed and re-added to restore the song to the original look.


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